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If you can maintain an erection for more than 45 minutes can be considered that their libido is in fairly good condition. If you had previously a sex drive low and returns its ability to achieve good erections, it is good news. The tingling is when you see a hot girl in the street. Their energy levels are increasing. But this is only the half of it. Getting an erection is not much use to you if you can not keep.

What happens when an erection cannot be maintained?

Many young and old, men have had difficulty maintaining an erection for more than a few minutes at some point in their lives.

You get hard disk, your partner gets excited and anticipates good sex.

Then after 5 or 10 minutes to start losing their wood and ends up making love as a marsh mellow into a slot machine. This is not right! Men who have this difficulty often mistakenly believe tool floppy status is the result of a distraction. They say his partner some noise outside made them lose their erection, or something that your partner said to put them. This is not really true, but you can believe it. In most cases, what is happening is simply that it needs to boost her libido maintain an erection. If your erection are losing regularly, you should look to find solutions. Massage of the penis, exercises of the penis, libido food and the right mindset are all ways to get solid, strong erections with more frequency. And this is free so that it can do.

Tips to maintain an erection during sex

1. Deep breathing

It is essential that it breathes deeply and regularly in order to maximize the oxygen levels in the blood and properly maintain an erection.

If you find physically receiving encouragement from all the move during sex, then you must coincide with their vigorous movements with normal breathing. Not breathe properly and provide your body with the fuel it needs to keep running during sex can become easily your erection get softer, more exercise yourself. In its mission to satisfy your partner you can let go and start to move faster and faster. If not breathing more deeply to do this, you risk losing your erection.

2. Massage technique

It's a brilliant technique that can really help you when you need to keep the hardness for a long time.

When your erection is strong in the beginning of lovemaking, making the maximum and massage all around the base of his penis. You will need to use the fingers to massage in the area of the perineum behind their balls, the basis of his penis and after that, above his penis. Make penis massage regularly when his penis is difficult to increase blood circulation and see their erections getting harder for longer. You need to massage for a few minutes if you can. If it is awkward to do this, is also very well, then give massages for only a minute or less. Be sure to do so. If you think you're losing hardness, then pull it out and give oral sex partner for a few minutes. You can massage the base area quietly and longer.

You will feel your erection get stronger and stay hard longer as time goes using this very method.

3 Encourage yourself

Lose your erection is not much fun in the midst of an act of love. I get distracted by the thought of something that worries you, or a physical problem? Rather than think about it, when you lose the erection, above all you need to know that you can return your erection. Instead of lying only pleasure, his partner. This has the double benefit of you (closer) lead to orgasm and makes you feel more sexy watching him. If you lose the hardness, then take a break and use their language and their fingers on her give her pleasure. Will see a very excited girl make you even more excited! This may be enough to make your erection back with a bang.

4 Relax

Instead of worrying about when you lose the erection just relax.

We are going to back and harder than before. Worry only makes it almost impossible to regain an erection. As safe and believing I return increases your chances of resuming a good sex sessions by ten.

You can maintain an erection using the previous techniques and improve your health to achieve better erections regularly.

Frank Jemson is a consultant for health which contributes to many feature articles to the health-related Web sites.

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