Distance of ejaculation - how to improve the health of male ejaculation

How it improves the ejaculation distance can and really do need to do?
It is not only when they try to conceive that men want to improve the distance of ejaculation and food already is. Many men, some of which are with a new lover, some who noticed that his jet of ejaculation is weak and others acting on all leather movies want to improve the distance.
Have a stronger ejaculation is considered virile
Distance of ejaculation is muscle
If you think you have a high libido and even their semen only haggling out the end of your penis when you come, the stream of weak sperm is caused by reasons other than the sex drive.
When you ejaculate, the muscle bulboesponjoso and your urinary sphincter contracts several times to make the fluid (semen) to shoot through the urethra.
The distance that shoots his load depends on the performance and the tension of the muscles. If these muscles (especially the urinary sphincter) hard and tight, tightened his semen through the urethra causing it shoots. The good news is that you can strengthen these muscles to improve their performance and enhance the distance of ejaculation.
Kegel exercises
What are Kegel exercises and how do you ejaculate further? Pass it enough, pregnant women using exercises Kegel rather than us men. They used to strengthen the pelvic floor and prevent incontinence before, during and after childbirth.
Men used to improve erections, increase the ejaculation control and to be able to shoot more. Do they work? They certainly do so. Daily workouts of Kegel are Contracting repeatedly his anus. In this way, to improve all the muscles that control the ejaculation by strengthening them.
The next time that urinate, they try to stop in middle stream. Is it easy or difficult to do? Use your urinary sphincter to stop the flow; the same muscle that is used to delay ejaculation.
The closer and stronger this muscle is more to shoot. Kegel conducting every day can be very beneficial for sexual health. You can not only shoot still more sperm, but you'll also get more difficult their erections. Harder erections increase shot distance.
Flex your Kegel muscles (by Contracting his anus) and keep them for two seconds before releasing. Do it a hundred times a day for best results during 1 month. You can continue to make 40 contractions per day after a month, even if your muscles are strong.
You have strong shoots ejaculation is fun and that some women like. But regardless of whether enjoying more or not, you should shoot more. We all remember twenty years of age and be able to shoot sperm by 1 meter in distance. You bet it is lost! If pine later of those days, then begin to do Kegel exercises now!
In addition to ejaculate says that they make you more fertile
If you have weak ejaculation can reduce the chances of conceiving a child. Best jet of semen is likely to go up even more in the vagina and closer to the eggs.
Through a combination of deep breathing, edge and visualization, you can control your ejaculation, increase the intensity of the orgasm and improve its distance of ejaculation.
Perform Kegel exercises no desired results
If you find that your Kegel exercises are not giving you the results you need, and then can be increased testosterone levels. Solutions of libido herbs and natural erection supplements are perfect for this.
Muscles of the penis will benefit and strengthen much faster the best levels of testosterone in his body. Taking herbal supplements libido and perform Kegel training will increase the burden of sperm and to improve the distance.
Last longer before ejaculation
You must build a good head of steam before shoot their load further ejaculation. Try duration as possible. This charge of the muscles of the pelvis with testosterone and increase muscle performance when it comes.
Frank Jemson is a consultant for health which contributes to many feature articles to the health-related Web sites.
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